TEAC Portable Streaming Server PS-V50

Passengers can enjoy media streaming using their own devices!

PS-V50 is a small, lightweight and battery-driven Streaming Server designed for airline use.
It delivers content wirelessly to PEDs (Smartphones and Tablet/Laptop PCs).*

*Internet-access services cannot be used in-flight.


Just hand-carry it into the aircraft – that's it!

The small, lightweight design allows easy-carrying into the aircraft.
NO-STC is required as No Cables or Screws are necessary.
Save Money!


Wireless content distribution to PEDs!

One server supports up to 50 PEDs,
providing a true AVOD experience for your passengers.


Passengers watch and/or listen to their favorite content on their own device!

Content is available on PEDs (Smartphones and Tablet/Laptop PCs).
Easy to manage server content by TEAC Cloud Synchronization System.


No more installation problems! You can quickly and easily realize your desired IFE services.
TEAC can provide reliable hardware and complete support based on our 25+ years experience in the IFE market.

Portable Server having a taste of Hand-Carried Baggage
Small, lightweight design allows easy carry-on
No certification cost, No installation labor
Just carry it on, Ready to use
No STC Cost
No Screws, or Tools, or Physical Connections
No Modifications
Replaceable Long-Life Battery
15 hours* of battery life accommodates long haul flights
Battery charges in under 3 hours
*Actual measured data based on a self-determined test environment
Simplified System
All-in-one server does not require complicated installation
Handles up to 50 PEDs
Dual Data Uploading Methods
USB Memory Stick and Cloud Communication
User-friendly Web-based Interface
Applicable to iOS, Android, and Windows devices*
*Internet-access services cannot be used in-flight.
Enriched Functions
Latest 3D Moving Map
Latest DRM Function Possible
Compliant to Safety Standards
D0-160 EMI/ENV Compliant
Uses FAR25 Compliant Non-flammable Materials
Exhibiting at the APEX 2018 EXPO
TEAC will be exhibiting at the APEX 2018 EXPO in Boston Convention and Exhibition Center Boston, MA on 24th - 27th September.
We will showcase the PS-V50, the portable streaming server.


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