AE-1600SDi - The TEAC AE-1600SDi is an SD memory card audio reproducer unit (ARU) designed for aircraft passenger entertainment systems. PDF CATALOG


Direct Playback from SD Memory Card

The AE-1600SDi plays back audio directly from an SD memory card, with no need to download files.

Implementation workload
Implementation process

Plug-and-Play compatibility

The AE-1600SDi provides true plug-and-play ease of use due to its high compatibility with many currently installed CD and tape based reproducers.

Therefore, there is no need for extra installation or aircraft modifications.

No need to change the aircraft's current ground system

The AE-1600SDi is compatible with many current CD and tape based reproducers, so there is no need to change the aircraft's current system.

Just plug-in and play!

Maintenance free

Solid state media requires no maintenance or head-cleaning, so no extra costs!